Member of International Campus Vienna

Sylvia Assmann, MA

Leadership team, International Campus Vienna


Commercial College

Danube University Krems (Master of Art, “Educational Leadership and school management)

Nationality:        Austria

I first felt that I wanted to become a teacher as a lower school student. I then changed to the commercial college, however, and started working at an international company after my graduation from secondary school.

Our three children (who are adults now) inspired me time and again to learn more about educational theory. I became active not only as a mother, but also carried out children and youth camps and offered language, sports or creativity courses. Since 1998, I have been able to live out my enthusiasm for the formation, organization and development of an education campus together with our highly skilled, highly-motivated and constantly growing team of educators. 

A leadership team of capable and highly-motivated individuals provides the ideal basis for leading a team of committed and talented educators and for developing the educational institution together in a professional manner. It is my passion to find the perfect place for each team member based on his/her interests, strengths and talents, and to constantly develop our team. Work shadowing and training opportunities at home and abroad (USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria) allow me to continually take a fresh look at international high-quality educational work. I am able to share these experiences also in my work at the school board of the Free Churches in Austria and at the Network of Christian Educators in Austria. It inspires me every day when I think about how God created all of our children and teenagers in such a great and unique way, and I am amazed about the unbelievable potential that He has placed in each one of them. It is on our team to discover, develop and promote this potential and I consider this task a great enrichment and joy! 

My motto:  Learning and discovering God’s brilliance


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