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It is important for us to have a weekly prayer meeting for parents

We have received so many things from God already that we want to continue to pray for our children and our school.

"If i do not pray for my child, who will?"

Dear parents!

Despite all our efforts, it is impossible to look after and protect our children at all times – also, we want to teach them to be independent. There needs to be a balance between protecting them and letting them go. This means, recognizing them as gifts of God, as separate personalities with abilities and weaknesses, independent and dependant at the same time. As we intercede for them, we place our children into the hands of God. He will keep them save and we are confident that He knows our concerns.  

We read in Matthew: “Do not worry… for your father in heaven knows exactly what you need!” This also counts for our children. Got loves them as much as He loves us. We can entrust our children to Him – in prayer, day after day. Prayer allows us to go beyond our own strength and abilities. God promises that He hears us. He wants us to speak to Him. At school, we have the opportunity to have a “class prayer”: We, the parents of a class, meet, talk, ask God for His blessing on the class and claim His promises for them.

Would you like to join in? It is worth it: Being close to God, speaking to Him, watching over the class and accompanying our children through prayer.

Right now we meet each Tuesday from 8:30 to 9.00 am respectively Thursday from 14:30 until 15:00 in the meeting room at the office. You are always welcome to join us!

Our Parents‘ Café is also very popular

Once a month parents meet with a member of the leadership team and discuss topics that have been suggested by parents or by the school. We spend time together; get to know each other in a comfortable environment and share coffee and cake. We also speak about our educational institution’s visions and objectives. Often times the team of educators gives a brief report. And of course, you have the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions.


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