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Meals at school

Our core competence at MCA is investing all our time and energy in providing your child’s character and his/her God-given personality with the nutrition he/she needs.

For years now, the Max Catering company has been in charge of satisfying our culinary needs, indulging us with various delicacies of the European cuisine. Max Catering pays special attention to providing us with all necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Each week we receive around 120 kilos of fruits and vegetables.

With respect to members of other religions we do not have pork on our menu.  

We appreciate your suggestions and ideas concerning good nutrition because we want to continue to improve this part of our service. --> office(at) 

Quality you can taste

We prepare our nutritionally balanced foods fresh every day. We especially like to use local potatoes, milk products, eggs or lean quality meat produced in Austria.

Of course, our menu also includes fresh fruits and vegetables dishes. All MAX Catering meals are carefully prepared, completely retaining full flavour, vitamins and nutrients. We also pay attention to keeping transport routes as short as possible in order for the meals to stay hot.

It is important to us that our meals do not cause any problems for students with allergies or chronic diseases, which is why we offer individual menu composition.

Our quality features at a glance:

• free* from artificial flavours

• free* from glutamates and flavour enhancers

• free* from colorants

• purely vegetable, cholesterol free and animal fats-free soups or seasonings

* MAX Catering refrains from using food additives. However, we cannot guarantee in all cases that purchased products do not contain traces.

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