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FAQ´s - Questions that are frequently asked

Which school levels are currently offered?

At our location, we offer primary school (0-4th grade) and, since September 2019, also AHS lower school (5th-8th grade). In the medium term, we also plan to expand the school up to the Matura level.

What curriculum is used for teaching?

At MCA, the Austrian curriculum for primary schools and the curriculum for the AHS lower level (Gymnasium) are used.

The educational goal, teaching tasks, subject matter and didactic principles also correspond to this curriculum and are taught in terms of content and method on a Christian basis, as anchored in the school regulations of the "Free Churches in Austria" and the quality criteria contained therein. 

Will the IB programme also be offered in the future?

It is planned in the medium term.

What language is used for teaching?

The pupils are taught German alphabetically. English is considered a special focus and is also used in other subjects in addition to English (depending on the language competence of the teacher).

What is the deposit for?

A deposit is payable at the time of signing the enrolment contract. The deposit serves to secure the claims of the school owner. It is to be replenished upon request and will be settled within three weeks after the end of the contract.

Does my child have to be a Christian?

No - Our students come from a wide variety of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.  As a Christian school, it is important to us to incorporate Christian values into our daily school life.

Is there a school uniform?

Yes - We have decided as a school that pupils will wear a school uniform. For details please click here.

When can my child start at MCA? 

Admission is generally possible at any time, i.e. even during the school year. 

What is meant by the open school entrance phase (0th grade)?

In Austria, compulsory schooling for children begins at the start of the school year after the child reaches the age of 6 (cut-off date 1.9.). If a child is of compulsory school age (6th birthday by 31.8. of the year) but is not yet ready for school when the school readiness assessment is made, admission to the 0. school stage (pre-school stage) can take place. Children can also be admitted to MCA PRIOR to their 6th birthday (AFTER 31.8.), provided that the school management declares the child to be ready for school.

Depending on their individual abilities, newcomers to the school have one to three years to successfully master the curriculum requirement of Elementary Level I.

At MCA, the school entry phase is run as a flexible school entry phase with a joint offer from the school levels of basic level I (pre-school level together with 1st and 2nd school level).

Is it possible to change school levels?

Pupils at MCA are also entitled to change to the next higher or next lower school level during the school year.

The school conference decides on the change of school level based on the application of the parent or guardian or the class teacher.

Does my child have homework?

Yes - However, our pupils have the opportunity to complete these exercises during the day in the "learning times" provided for this purpose; it depends on the school level as well as the respective willingness of the child to perform whether all tasks can be completed during the learning times. Remaining exercises are to be done at home; we also recommend regular reading and mental arithmetic (e.g. 1x1).

Does a pupil have a medical examination?

In the primary school, school medical examinations take place at the start of grade 1 and in grade 4. Examinations also take place before sports weeks. All pupils entering the secondary school NEW or in grade 8 before leaving are examined. 

Does my child have to have a perfect command of the German language?

No - If the German language competence is still insufficient, your child will receive intensive German language support depending on the language level. Children with insufficient German language skills are additionally managed as exceptional pupils. This eliminates the need for an assessment for a maximum of two years. 

What English language skills does my child need? 

70% of our students come either from the international private kindergarten Arche Noah, which is located on the same site, or from an English-speaking environment. Therefore, most of our school entrants already have a good knowledge of English. For admission to MCA, at least a basic knowledge of English is therefore a great advantage so that the children can follow lessons with an English focus as quickly as possible.  

What support does MCA offer children with learning difficulties?

As often as possible, all teachers at MCA offer individual support lessons as an integral part of their teaching. If necessary, additional language or mathematical support is provided in the form of one lesson per week. In addition, teachers can offer private support lessons at the request of parents, depending on available capacity.

What are the school hours?

With regard to school hours, the legal regulations applicable to general compulsory schools in the province of Vienna apply mutatis mutandis, with the following exceptions:

  • The semester break can be postponed to another date by the school's governing body.
  • The summer holidays can be shortened at the request of the school forum and the omitted holiday days sensibly divided between the two semesters.
  • At MCA, one additional day per semester is declared free of school. The grading conference is held on this day.
  • Up to six school-autonomous days are set per school year.
  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday. For all school levels, it usually begins at 8.30 am. In the primary level, lessons end at 3 p.m. at the latest, in the secondary level at 5.05 p.m. at the latest.

Questions about lunch, snacks or allergies?

please click here

How can I get in touch with the teachers?

Once a term, parents are invited to a detailed discussion together with the pupils. At this meeting, the learning progress is discussed together on the basis of the learning goal log and the learning goal log is signed by the parents. If necessary, detailed teacher-pupil discussions held in advance can also serve as preparation for this.

Appointments for parent meetings are made directly with the respective teacher.

Each teacher has his or her own school e-mail account. Parents also communicate with teachers via SchoolFox.

Is there the possibility of extended afternoon care after school?

After the end of lessons, pupils have the option of attending afternoon care or one of the numerous interest courses offered at the school site. A separate registration contract must be concluded for this purpose. Interest courses are to be booked directly with the respective leader.

Is it possible to use the afternoon care spontaneously?

Yes, in an emergency, afternoon care can be attended after immediate notification by telephone. 

Do you have any questions about performance assessment?

From the 0th to the 4th grade, the performance of the pupils is determined by means of a learning objectives protocol (LZP). At the request of the parents or guardians and from the 3rd school level onwards (annual report), grades are also awarded for performance assessment. The provisions of the Performance Assessment Ordinance (LBVO) apply accordingly. From the 5th grade onwards, young people always receive a grade report with a verbal commentary.

Which school can my child attend after grade 4 or grade 8?

Our school leavers attend many different secondary schools, such as:  

  • VBS Wendstattgasse (NMS), 1100 Vienna, 
  • VBS Draschestraße (bilingual secondary school), 1230 Vienna,
  • Theresianum, 1040 Vienna,
  • Sacre Coeur, European class, 1030 Vienna,
  • Evangelisches Gymnasium, 1110 Vienna,
  • as well as English-speaking schools abroad.
  • More and more of our students stay at MCA after grade 4 and continue their school career in our secondary school (AHS-Unterstufe ). 

Are excursions, trips or project weeks organised?

Particularly in the science lessons as well as in history and the science subjects of the lower school, educational excursions are carried out on individual project topics (museum, city tour, forest nature trail, beekeeper, farm, ...). From grade 3 at the latest, there are also project or sports weeks lasting several days (e.g. skiing course).

Are there parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the school?

There are parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the school. If children are brought by car, the turning ramp at the end of Fontanastraße can be used as a kiss and drop zone. Parking spaces are also available on the campus grounds, which may be used for the duration of bringing or picking up the children. However, this only applies to parents who also have kindergarten children on campus. Parents who are only bringing children to school must drop the child off at the turnaround ramp. In addition, the car may not remain parked on the campus grounds. 

What additional courses can be taken after school?

The range of courses offered varies each year. We strive to offer students a diverse and varied programme of courses. Our experienced course instructors have been working with our school on an independent basis for years. Among others, the following courses are offered: English Club, Drama or Musical, Sports, Art and Music (Guitar, Violin, Piano,...). You will be informed about the current offer at the beginning of each school year.

When does the academic school year begin and end?

Currently, the school year begins on the first Monday in September and ends on the Friday of the last week in June or the first week in July.

Is there a Parents' Council?

Yes - please click here

Are there any scholarships?

Yes - please click here

What are the numbers of pupils in each class?

At MCA there is a maximum of 25 children in each class. As we run multi-grade classes, the composition of the pupils in a class varies in terms of age and grades. 

If a project requires it pedagogically, a class can also be divided into smaller groups or lessons can be taught across classes. A team of support, remedial and specially trained gifted teachers supports the class teachers on a REGULAR basis. Our pupils are thus intensively accompanied in their learning development. Through these measures, MCA is able to offer an average ratio of one teacher per ten pupils in the main subjects. 

How does the school communicate with parents?

The traditional school bulletin has been replaced by digital communication via SchoolFox. Information from the management and secretary's office is also sent out promptly by e-mail. Via Instagram, we provide insights into the exciting everyday life at school. The individual classes also send out newsletters. In addition, there is a classic information board on the wall in the entrance area.

In general, direct, transparent and appreciative communication between all school partners is very important to us and we encourage everyone involved to work closely together. 

What opportunities are there for parents to get involved at MCA?

There is a school forum at MCA, which is made up of parent representatives, teachers, school management and the school board. This platform is the hub of all interest groups and meets about quarterly or is convened at short notice in urgent cases.

In addition, there are many ways in which parents can support our students, the teaching team as well as the school administration with their gifts, skills and networks. We invite all parents and also grandparents to offer their time, ideas and talents depending on their capacity and possibilities. Current concerns and details for the coming school year will be communicated at the first parents' evening or at the beginning of the second semester.

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