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Methodological competence

In order for pupils to be able to acquire learning content well in all subjects, to remember it, to discuss problems, to present results and to pass on and apply acquired knowledge, they need competences that support them in their learning.

In their learning processes, they are confronted daily with the following questions, among others:

  •      How do you excerpt a book? 
  •      How do you structure a text? 
  •      How do you create a memorandum? 
  •      How do you moderate a discussion?
  •      How do you write keywords for a short paper? 
  •      How can you make problems more "transparent" through outlines? - (Vierlinger R., 2009. Comprehensive School Profile, p. 115. Böhlau)

In order to build up this methodological knowledge in our pupils, we have decided to use the method training of "Pupil Activation through Methodological Competence" (SAM). Since the 21/22 school year, we have been supported in this process by Prof. Johann Rothböck, lecturer at the PH Linz and former headmaster. The first step is to familiarise the teaching team with the methods so that they can then equip their pupils. 

Method training is started as early as in the MCA primary level and is repeatedly integrated into lessons by all teachers and includes the following focal points in the lower secondary level:

  • 5th grade: methods training
  • 6th grade: communication training 
  • 7th grade: team building
  • 8th grade: Project

Equipping students with such a comprehensive "method box" creates a strong foundation for successfully mastering technical learning, problem-solving tasks, projects or presentations.

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