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At a Christian school like MCA, attentiveness to the well-being of our students should be a central aspect of our daily interactions.
Every single teacher at Mayflower Christian Academy strives to give personal attention to all their students. However, this is only possible to a certain extent during the school day. There is often not enough time for longer personal exchanges. The mentoring programme for pupils is intended to create this framework and to allow each of them, from secondary school onwards, weekly (or fortnightly) time for conversations, questions and exchanges with their mentor.

The goals of the mentoring programme include:

  • Showing the young people, "You are important to us. You are valuable. We take time for you. There is time and space for sharing, talking, asking questions and concerns, sharing worries and joys."
  • Supporting students to find out about their own strengths and talents. 
  • Guiding students to think about their future and the career they want to pursue;
  • Helping them to find out what vocation they might have based on their God-given talents and abilities and what next steps they can take to achieve their personal goals;
  • Encourage students to present all their concerns to God with confidence;

The mentoring programme at MCA is evaluated annually by the team and adapted as necessary in order to achieve the goal of accompanying our students even better and more personally in their overall development.

Vocational orientation

Young people today have more education and training options, more career options and fields of activity available to them than ever before. On the one hand, this is a wonderful thing, but on the other hand, it also often leads to young people being overwhelmed as to how and when they should make these important decisions for their future. 

As a school, we see it as our task to accompany our students on this decision-making path regarding their further education and to equip them as well as possible. Ideally, we do this together with and in addition to the parents.

The following focal points are set for this purpose:

  • Inviting people working in different professional fields to the MCA to present their field of activity to the pupils;
  • Visiting different workplaces;
  • Getting to know numerous occupational fields;
  • Involvement of talent scouts (in planning);
  • Contact with secondary schools;
  • Counselling of pupils, e.g. within the framework of the mentoring programme;
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