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Schooltuition / fees

The monthly tuition fee will be collected from your bank account by direct debit. The monthly tuition pays for the complete cost of education at MCA. From Monday to Thursday, classes usually start at 08:00 am and finish no later than 4:00pm. On Friday, classes usually start at 08:00 am and finish at 12:30 pm.

We charge separately for additional costs like school books, excursions, sports weeks or additional activities such as special language courses or daycare.

One-off charges

Deposit€ 310,-This amount will be refunded after termination of school
Registration Fee€ 490,-This amount will not be refunded
School Readiness Assessment       € 100,-        This amount will be refunded in the 1st month of school


Monthly tuition fees for external students

preschool to 4th grade           € 5.880,- p.a *          € 490,- p.m. (12 x September–August)
5th to 8th grade € 7.200,- p.a. € 600,- p.m. (12x September-August)


* A reduction of 2% will be granted if the annual tuition fee is paid within 4 weeks after school entry.

* Warm lunch is optional (4,70.- per meal).

* sibling dicount: 2nd child -15%, 3rd child -25%

Early care (from 7:00 to 7:45 am) € 25,- p.m.

Financial aid

Student support can be granted to students who fulfill the necessary requirements, taking into account individual circumstances. Parents or legal guardians have to prove that the requirements are fulfilled. 

Scholarship application forms can be obtained at the management secretariat. To apply for student support, please contact the treasurer who is responsible for finances. 

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