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A CAMPUS is more than a location - it is an educational concept

The International Campus Vienna offers your child a continuous, interlocking educational concept that promotes individual talents, reduces weaknesses, imparts Christian values and stands for new technological developments and cultural diversity.

The classic educational stages of kindergarten-primary school-high school flow gently and harmoniously into one another at the International Campus Vienna. This is the best way to guarantee a continuous and individual education, depending on the talents of your child.

Our school is a confessional public school with organisational statute and public law. At our campus location we run: 

  • a primary school (according to the Austrian primary school curriculum) 
  • a lower secondary level (according to the Austrian AHS curriculum, lower secondary school)

Focal points of the educational concept of the primary and secondary level. Click on the respective level.
The bilingual education path can already begin for younger siblings in the campus' own kindergarten Arche Noah. You can find more information HERE

Your child will be accompanied by a dedicated team of bilingual teachers throughout the entire education period. Our focus is on Christian values, a balanced educational partnership, healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise. An education with quality that contributes to the well-being of your child's life!

Our teaching goals go beyond imparting knowledge:

  • The perception and recognition of God's work in history and in our own lives. We want our children to become strong personalities who can cope with themselves and the environment, live their lives with confidence and achieve their own goals. 
  • Every person has talents and abilities. We want to help our children discover their own talents and bring them to full development. Learning is the starting point of all understanding.
  • Those who learn how to learn acquire a skill that helps us to grasp and master new things throughout our lives.
  • The joy of learning is the best self-motivation. We offer our students a creative and inspiring environment in which it is fun to learn. 
  • We are all part of a community. Our children should learn to be considerate and tolerant in their dealings with others and, as part of this community, to take responsibility for themselves and others.
  • The world is characterised by diversity. We want our pupils to know and understand their own roots as well as to experience and appreciate the traditions of other cultures.

Insights into our beautiful campus

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