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Pedagogical concept secondary level

The Mayflower Christian Academy (MCA), SECONDARY LEVEL I, is a continuation of the MCA primary level and builds on its concept, values and focus. As a denominational public school of the "Free Churches in Austria", our pedagogy is shaped by a biblical view of man and the world.  

We see school as an important common learning and living space. Our relationships are both the basis and the goal of our daily interaction. Parents are valuable and valued partners and are involved in the shaping and development of the school where desired. We place great emphasis on communication because we believe that for the successful development of the child, parents and teaching team must work together in unity and pull in the same direction. 


The primary aim of MCA Secondary I is to educate pupils and students from the 5th to the 8th grade, according to the Austrian curriculum of the AHS, lower level Gymnasium. The subject matter is partly taught in English. The principles of teaching and education correspond to the school regulations of the "Free Churches in Austria". 

Our pupils are grouped together as a social group in a multi-level class community. However, with the exception of music or sports, for example, lessons are taught separately according to school level. Project lessons, method training or excursions are carried out together for several school levels if necessary. 

This approach allows, on the one hand, curricular impulses to be given in smaller groups of pupils per school level and subject, and on the other hand, projects that successfully combine subjects and age groups can be carried out. Both promote the interest, social competence and independence of our pupils and support the successful acquisition of the learning content.    

Facilitating transitions and making them interesting

One of MCA's special concerns is to make the transition from primary to secondary school as natural as possible and to accompany our students intensively through these phases. 

In order to achieve this transition work in an ideal way, the following focal points are set:

  • Joint projects between 4th and 5th grade, e.g. in the subjects art, music, mathematics, English, German and science;
  • Cooperation of teachers from the upper school or vocational schools, who bring their experience from these areas into the lessons of the lower school;
  • Intensive vocational orientation days (for details see Vocational Orientation) 
  • Regular contact with secondary schools;
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