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Language-sensitive teaching and foreign languages

At MCA, GERMAN is used as the first language of instruction. ENGLISH is used intensively as a second language.

The children and young people at MCA Secondary I come from many countries and have many different first languages. Language-sensitive teaching is therefore a special concern for us. All teachers strive for a conscious and clear use of German and English in their lessons. In addition, specially trained teachers for DaZ/DaF (German as a Second and Foreign Language) support our pupils to overcome linguistic hurdles in German and to achieve learning goals in all subjects more easily. The language competence in English is intensively and rapidly built up and expanded through English lessons and the inclusion of the English language in many subjects.

Children and adolescents with insufficient German language skills (determined by means of the MIKA-D test) start the school year as exceptional pupils. They receive intensive support in German in order to be able to follow lessons as quickly as possible. The MIKA-D test is repeated at regular intervals until the pupils meet the requirements to be listed as regular pupils. The language-sensitive teaching and intensive support in German and English improve the educational opportunities of all pupils, regardless of their first language, and enable a good, successful transition to secondary German or English-speaking schools.  

Already from the 5th school level (1st school level in the AHS curriculum), an easy introduction to French as a second foreign language begins. From the 7th grade onwards, French is then a main subject in which school work is also written. By starting gently at the age of 11, our pupils can build up their first basic knowledge of French before starting French two years later. This reduces the pressure to learn, especially in the 7th grade, when several new subjects are added according to the curriculum.

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