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The enthusiasm

  • to teach young people,
  • to guide and support them in their development,
  • To challenge them to discover their gifts and talents. 
  • to nurture these gifts and talents and
  • discovering God's great world together with them,

has been the basis for our daily work as a leadership and teaching team for years. 

Making young people strong for life and educating them for THEIR future is our guiding goal and the vision that connects you as parents and us as a school in partnership.

An appreciative, transparent, supportive and day-to-day cooperation between all school partners involved (teachers - school management - administration - pupils - parents - school authorities - partner schools,...) has a very high value at MCA. It forms an important foundation so that our pupils enjoy learning with interest and high yield and our teachers can teach with joy and high quality.

The motivation of all those involved in school activities is a prerequisite for achieving a high level of education.

The cooperation between kindergarten, primary school and lower school is also a focal point of the educational work at MCA. To this end, we maintain an intensive dialogue at the interfaces.

Come and see for yourself, 

  • how tradition and modernity are combined at the MCA, 
  • the latest technologies and digital media meet tried and tested teaching methods,
  • experienced teachers work hand in hand with young educators,
  • children and young people from many different cultures, religions and world views learn together in an appreciative manner
  • an intrinsic love of learning is awakened in the child
  • they can grow into independent thinkers and doers, and
  • Christian values are lived out, free from constraints or religious clichés.
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