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  • We want to be respectful to each other.WE use "please" and "thank you"
  • WE speak politely to each other and do not use swear words.
  • Teachers and students come to class ON TIME, which means I am in class by 8:25 at the latest.
  • I am responsible for my own materials and have everything completely ready for class.
  • I especially make sure I have a complete pencil case with sharpened pencils.
  • I do not cheat on assignments, tests and schoolwork because I do not want to cheat myself or others.
  • I want to learn something and also support my classmates in doing so.
  • We do not chew gum.We leave MP3s, radios, laser pointers, game boys, etc. at home.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed anywhere on campus.
  • The mobile phone is switched off in the school bag.


  • I let others speak! During lessons I do not have "private conversations".
  • I point and wait for my turn.I pay attention to acoustic signals and visual signals (e.g. gong, flags, etc.).


  • I carry out my class duties regularly and conscientiously.
  • I keep the place where I work clean.
  • I put used material back where I took it from.
  • Rubbish goes into the rubbish bin (waste separation!)
  • When I enter a class or the market place I behave accordingly (to the flags) and choose my volume so that I do not disturb anyone.
  • I greet my teachers and classmates and also other adults in the school building.I carry out requests from my teachers immediately and without discussion.If the teacher claps a rhythm - I am immediately quiet, I stop what I am doing and clap the rhythm again. I am ready to hear what he has to say.
  • I am ready to apologise honestly and help others when they need my help. I do not want to hurt other children in any way. Neither physically nor with words.Roughhousing, hitting, stealing or name-calling will not be tolerated at our school!


  • I wear my school uniform and make sure it is clean and looks neat (no torn trousers or patches).


  • I try to use the toilet only during break time.
  • If I have to use it during class time, I signal the teacher.After going to the toilet,
  • I wash my hands with soap.I throw towel paper in the wastepaper basket.
  • I make sure that the toilet stays clean.


  • WE are happy to have play and sports equipment at our school.
  • At the end of break, we all clean up together.
  • Scootering is only allowed during lunch break.
  • On the hard court, you can only play football or scootering.
  • The teacher decides.I always stay in the teacher's field of vision.
  • When it snows or rains,
  • I brush off my shoes in the entrance area.
  • Parking lot and street are not to be entered during the school day!
  • Gravel, stones bark mulch etc. stays in its place and is not spread in the garden.
  • Sticks may be used to build in our forest section.
  • I keep my cloakroom area clean and tidy (shoes and slippers in my locker, hang up jacket and gym bag, ...).


  • I pay attention when my teacher explains the rules of the excursionI try to remind my parents what I should bring for the excursion (e.g. snack, water bottle, sturdy shoes, rain jacket, ...).
  • Before setting off, all pupils line up in rows of two - please BE SILENT!
  • On the street - SAFETY IS IMPORTANT!
  • Therefore, we always walk in rows of two on the building side (not street side).
  • All students wait until the teacher has secured the street crossing.
  • On public transport - SAFETY IS IMPORTANT!I speak quietly because I don't want to disturb other passengers.
  • I pay particular attention when getting off and on.If I am still left alone on the tram or metro,
  • I ride to the next station, get off and WAIT until my teacher comes to get me.
  • I don't have to be afraid.


  • At the buffet, I queue when my table is called and wait my turn.
  • I take used dishes to the kitchen trolley, put cutlery and leftovers in the bins provided.
  • I leave my dining area clean (no rubbish or leftovers on the table or under my chair).
  • I use a mat (cloth) for my snack and sit while I eat.
  • I don't take sweets, crisps and other unhealthy things to school. Healthy food gives me energy and strength - and I want to have that for learning! JI like to run outdoors - I walk in the building.


  • My parents and my teachers work well together. They all help me so that I can learn well and are always there for me!
  • If my parents haven't phoned to say they'll be late for pick-up,
  • I wait in the afternoon care centre.
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