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The German poet and playwright J.C.F. von Schiller describes art as "...a daughter of freedom" (Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man, 1795, 2nd letter).

Art is a personal expression of what lies hidden within, liberates what is hidden and allows it to take shape.

Creativity in the MCA is both expression and worship. Therefore, it is our concern to create a framework in which not only performance is the goal, but first and foremost gratitude for this gift. Our hope is to awaken a new culture with it.

In the Bible, we read in the New Testament that where God is involved, there is true freedom. 

"But where the Spirit of the Lord works, there is freedom" - 2 Corinthians 3:17.

We see artistic expression in our school as a form of worship. The children (create) something new, something from within themselves and thereby give glory to their Creator in heaven.

In class, our pupils work on and learn different art techniques in dealing with paint and various materials. In this way, they acquire a repertoire of possibilities for artistic expression.

The focus is on discovering their own artistic freedom through painting, drawing, designing and constructing.

Music is not just an accumulation of tones or notes. Music is emotion, passion, gives us drive, is a remedy and a mouthpiece. It is always imperfect and yet powerful and transformative.

It accompanies and connects almost all people on this earth every day. Music enlivens our inner being, touches our spirit and helps us to tune into God's praise holistically. Musical excellence is important to us in two ways.

We are concerned to guide students to develop their own musical skills and gain a comprehensive basic knowledge of music education, but at the same time to recognise that God is much more interested in our heart's melody.

"Music expresses what cannot be said and what it is impossible to be silent about" Viktor Hugo


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