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School library

Through our school library, the independent learning of our pupils is supported in many ways. In class, the children are introduced to age-specific books. Through subsequent exercises, reading comprehension in particular is encouraged.

On the one hand, we have a large number of non-fiction books that are specially arranged according to primary school topics and are often borrowed to accompany lessons. On the other hand, the children will find suitable children's novels on a wide variety of topics for the different age groups.

Particularly noteworthy are the books for "first-time readers" in order to promote the joy of reading in the very young.

The library is open every week for special school library hours. The pupils can thus use the library individually, in groups or by class. Since the library was set up, interest and curiosity in reading has also skyrocketed. Even breaks are used by the pupils for reading.

The pupils can deepen and broaden lesson content through an extensive, assorted range of specialist literature. Reference books, picture books, non-fiction books, children's magazines and various specialist journals are available to them here.

To promote reading in general, children's and young people's novels as well as non-fiction books for young people can be borrowed. Sorting by interest groups makes it possible to quickly find the desired literature and the cosy atmosphere in this area of the library invites you to browse.

The management of the textbook collection via the library enables pupils to borrow the required textbooks individually.

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