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Further training is important to us

As a private school, MCA has a large degree of freedom and autonomy when it comes to choosing its educators. The team of leaders tries to recruit highly qualified people with great commitment and an exemplary character. Educators who want to become part of the MCA team should also be willing to continuously develop their professional skills, learn new methods or deepen their knowledge in order to apply it even better.

There are different training opportunities for educators which are offered during each school year: 

  • Toolbox meetings (internal workshops and afternoon events to provide new impulses)
  • Pedagogical Conferences (approx. four complete days each school year)
  • SCHILF (internal training sessions) – Speakers are invited to hold a workshop at school
  • Training sessions at the College of Education (Pädagogischen Hochschule)
  • Summer School training sessions offered by the school board of the Free Churches (2-3 days in August)
  • 2-3 annual impulses and work shadowing with our Australian partner schools and time for expert discussions, presentations, etc.
  • ICP – Initiative of Christian educators in Austria (at least one annual two-day seminar)
  • Work shadowing with colleagues (peer-learning through colleagues observing one another with reflection afterwards)
  • Support through visual instruction and work shadowing with reflection afterwards by experts and pedagogic coaches


We, the teachers and leaders, participate in 30 to 60 hours of training each school year. We do this, because we want to be able to perform our challenging tasks with a high level of quality. 

At the end of the day, what is important is how we can continuously improve the level of teaching and which impulses actually reach the students. 

We ensure this through weekly team meetings and reflecting on our everyday practice.

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