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Training is very important to us

As a public school, MCA already has great freedom and autonomy in the selection of teachers. The management team tries to recruit people who have exemplary character, high professional competence and great commitment. The willingness to continuously develop oneself, to familiarise oneself with new methods and to deepen what has already been learned in order to be able to apply it even more confidently is also of great importance for acceptance into the team. 

Teachers have several opportunities for in-service training during the school year:

  • Toolbox meetings (internal workshops and impulse afternoons);
  • Pedagogical conferences; 
  • SCHILF (Schulinterne Fortbildung) - speakers are brought to the school for a workshop;
  • In-service training at the University of Teacher Education;
  • In-service training as part of the summer courses of the Free Churches' School Board (2 - 3 days in August);
  • 2 - 3 times a year impulse and observation visits of our Australian partner schools with time for professional discussions, presentations, etc.;
  • Participation in international conferences at home and abroad;
  • Collegial observation (learning through mutual classroom visits with subsequent reflection);
  • Support through demonstration lessons and observation with subsequent reflection rounds by experts and pedagogical coach;
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