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Parents' Council

When parents register their child with us, the first step towards a trusting relationship has been taken. Now the ball is in our court and we, the teachers and educators, do our personal best. But the responsibility lies on both sides. On a broadly organised parent council level, at information evenings and advisory circles, parents are guests as well as co-workers and help shape life at MCA. The aim is to promote the well-being of the children in a committed and sincere way and to make the cooperation crisis-proof and open.

The MCA Parents' Council (Parents' Association) consists of parent volunteers and meets 4 - 5 times per school year, partly at the school, partly online. Working in partnership, teachers, parents and students create and shape the school environment and atmosphere. 

We would like to thank all parent volunteers for their time, effort and commitment to the school, as well as their support during excursions and festivities as well as special challenges.

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