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Accompanying the school in prayer

That we have received so much from God is reason enough to keep Him busy with petitions for our children and the school.

                     "If we don't pray for our school, who will?"

Dear Parents!

No matter what we do, we cannot completely protect and guard our children - and we want to educate them to be independent. The balance of protecting on the one hand and letting go on the other hand means to see children as a gift from God, as their own personality, with talents and weaknesses, independent and dependent at the same time. Through our intercession in prayer we give our children into God's hands. He wants to and will preserve them and we know that our worries are in good hands. 

"Do not be anxious... For your heavenly Father knows what you need!" it says in the Gospel of Matthew. This is also true for our children. God loves them, just as He loves us. We can entrust our children to Him - in prayer, every day anew. With prayer we can go beyond our own strength and abilities. God promises us that He hears us. He wants us to talk to Him. At school we have the opportunity to pray with each other: we, as parents of the school, meet, share, place the classes, the children, all the teachers, the school administration and campus community under God's blessing and claim His promises for them.

You are cordially invited - just come and join us! The dates are announced for one semester at a time.

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