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An Idea Becomes Reality - From Project to Private School with Statute and Public Rights

The legal framework for Mayflower Christian Academy (MCA) is a non-profit private supporting association of the same name. We were able to seamlessly build on our years of experience in professional childcare and preschool education within the framework of the Arche Noah kindergarten to create our school from the 0th to the 8th grade. 

In 1996, the international private kindergarten Arche Noah was founded. In the meantime, more than 2,300 children have benefited from our wide range of services. About five years after the kindergarten was founded, some parents approached the management with the request to also found a private, international, Christian public school. The initiative of these parents resulted in a home school project, from which the MCA emerged two years later as an approved public school.

The Mayflower Christian Academy (MCA) is a public school that was founded in 2007 and has been run as a denominational school of the free churches in Austria since February 2014. The team of educators at MCA promotes the development of their students both academically and spiritually. 

MCA currently covers the primary school level (0 to 4th grade) as well as the lower school level according to the AHS curriculum (5th to 8th grade). Our location is in the south of Vienna, in the heart of Europe.

Because education matters

Our teaching methods aim to foster the development of our students and awaken in them a love for God's principles and values, so that they may go out into the world of work, family and society as strong individuals with a consolidated character, unafraid of the multinational and cultural differences in this rapidly changing world.  

In our school, teachers not only impart school knowledge but also have a mentoring role so that children's lives are changed and our students develop into personalities who are able and willing to take responsibility.

As a team at MCA, we are aware of the need for continuous reflection and development in terms of the role of the school and the educators, the teaching methods and the teaching materials so that graduates are ready for the demands of a multicultural, multilingual and transnational society.    

Teachers bring their personal relationship with Jesus Christ into the daily school life to be a role model for their students.
Our Christian faith obliges us to treat people with respect and charity. Every person is unique and should be able to develop the qualities given to him or her. To this end, we want to offer our pupils the necessary environment. 

For us, Christian education is the basis of all learning and is integrated into the lessons.  
Every day we consciously take time to reflect on God's thoughts.

Through appreciative and respectful interaction, we create a motivating learning atmosphere with the aim of recognising and developing the potential of the pupils.
In addition to well-equipped learning spaces, the active support of our teachers is a central concern of our school. Charity that is lived and visible in everyday life is the basis of our school life. Our staff members act as role models.

Every step we take takes us in a certain direction. You now have the difficult task of making the right school choice for your child. This decision will have a lasting impact on both their future educational path and their personal development.
Each step on a successful school career is not only an important decision for the children, but also influences their entire family life. 

The school is run by a non-profit association. 

If you are looking for a smaller, family-oriented school with committed, competent and highly motivated teachers for your child, then you are making a good choice with Mayflower Christian Academy!

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