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Service-learning is an innovative approach where learning and community engagement can complement and enhance each other. At MCA, we want to increasingly incorporate this form of learning into lessons in the future so that young people at our school can experience good education, develop their competences, become civically engaged and actively participate in society.

Service-learning - learning through engagement (LdE) combines social engagement of students with subject learning in the classroom.

This form of teaching and learning is suitable for all types of schools, ages and subjects and has already been implemented for years in kindergartens, schools and universities worldwide. 

A service-learning project could result, for example, from cooperation with the senior citizens' residence VITALITY, which is adjacent to our campus:

  • Visiting old people in the retirement home is ENGAGEMENT / SERVICE;
  • Getting to know social professions and fields of action of social work during the topic "career orientation" as part of the lessons is LEARNING / LEARNING.
  • However, when our pupils interview care workers in elderly care about their work situation, research the social institution of senior citizens' homes and develop an engagement project as required (e.g. internet courses for senior citizens), this is LEARNING THROUGH ENGAGEMENT - SERVICE-LEARNING.

Building on the methodological competence of our pupils, which has been strengthened through SAM (Pupil Activation through Methodological Competence), we will in the coming school years deal more and more with SERVICE-LEARNING and the quality criteria associated with it and implement corresponding projects in the classroom. This can greatly improve our pupils' motivation to learn and their sustainable growth in knowledge.

At the same time, they can experience how important and valuable it is to use their acquired knowledge, gifts and talents for the good of society.

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