Member of International Campus Vienna

Sarah Reitzner, BEd

Classteacher MSK-B

Education:          Bachelor of Education / Primary School Education 

Nationality:        Austria 

After graduating from the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna in 2009, I started working as an assistant and preschool pedagogue at the kindergarten Arche Noah and as a German teacher in the former homeschool project “Middle School”. For me as a primary school teacher, it was a valuable enrichment to work with children before entering and after leaving primary school, and to get to know their needs and development steps. 

During my maternity leave with my two sons, I completed my remedial teacher education to be able to strengthen children with linguistic, motoric and cognitive weaknesses, and I completed my education to become a religion teacher for the Free Churches in order to accompany children in the development of their heart. 

Christian education makes young people strong: In their personal development, in treating others correctly, in questioning things and taking their own decisions in life concerning things that are important to them. As a teacher at Mayflower Christian Academy, I have been able to witness transformation, development and blooming that is only possible with God! 


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