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Petra Kocarek

Team teacher, remedial teacher, library director, learning coach

Education: Certified learning coach, subject teacher for the diagnosis and promotion of children with writing and language acquisition difficulties (Vienna Municipal Education Authority), certified advertising assistant (Women’s Education Center (FWW), WIFI, Vienna)

Nationality:      Austria

My name is Petra Kocarek, I was born and still live in Vienna. I have been married for almost 29 years and I am the mother of three wonderful, adult children.  

I have been working in the area of kindergarten, daycare, preschool and school for 18 years now, and it has been a joy watching and supporting children in their development. Every child is unique and blessed with a wide range of talents. I love working with children, accompanying them on some of their path, supporting them to discover and unfold their abilities, opening their eyes to God’s amazing creation and to His unconditional love. 

For several years now, it has been on my heart to support children with learning difficulties. I have completed trainings at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna and I have completed a learning coach program as well as a remedial teacher program for children with writing and language acquisition difficulties. This enables me to proficiently accompany and promote children with learning deficits. 

Why did I join this team?

Great, capable, committed, innovative team; open learning; individualization; every child is accepted as unique and created in the image of God; others are treated with respect; biblical values and principles are cherished


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