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UNTIS / WEB Untis / timetables

At MCA, we use the planning tool UNTIS for organizing the team of teachers, classes and lesson planning.

Since the school year 2012/13, all lesson plans and substitution schedules can be found only on the

Plattform WebUntis (click here).

Please note that each student only receives one access key. In order to reset the password, you can add an email address under the menu item “profile”.

Untis App

The producer (Gruber+Petters) offers the official Android application Untis Mobile. For iOS and other platforms there are currently only third-party applications available. To be able to use the application, all you need is the name of the school as well as your personal WebUntis access information (without the latter, only general lesson plans become visible). 

Forgot your password?

There are two ways to reset your password:

1.If you have already added an email address and know your user name, all you have to do is request a new password using the “reset password” feature. 

2.If the account has been blocked due to too many failed login attempts, if you do not know your user name or you have not previously added an email address, please contact the administration office.

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