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School library

Our school library supports our students’ self-directed learning in various ways. A weekly reading booklet provides information on age-specific literature which particularly promotes the ability to grasp meaning from reading through subsequent exercises.

Firstly, there is a great number of non-fiction books especially sorted by primary school subjects which can be borrowed as supplementary material supporting teaching lessons. Secondly, there are many different children’s novels for different age groups.

Also, there are books for „first-time readers“  to promote the joy of reading for new beginners.

Additionally, there are special library hours every week where students are encouraged to use the library on their own, in groups or as a class. Since the library was opened, students have become more interested and curious about reading. Even breaks are now used for reading. 

A wide and well-sorted range of literature enables students to deepen and expand on lesson content. They can find reference works, picture books, non-fiction books, children’s magazines as well as different journals.

As an initiative to promote reading skills, children’s and youth novels as well as youth non-fiction books can be borrowed. Books can be located quickly as they are sorted according to interest groups. A cosy atmosphere invites students to linger and browse. 

Since the library also organizes the textbook collection, students can borrow the textbooks they need here as well.

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