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Welcome to the Alumni Club!                           

If you’re a graduate of Mayflower Christian Academy, you can become part of a broad network. The Alumni Club offers many opportunities to make new contacts and to keep in touch with former students, your teachers and staff of MCA. 

What does Alumni mean? 

The word “alumni“ comes from Latin and means “pupil“ or „foster child“ (alumni; Latin: “pupil “, derives from “alere, “nourish“, “raise“.) It is on our heart to continue to support you spiritually on your life’s journey.

Are you an MCA – ALUMNUS? 

If YES, let us know about your personal, educational and professional development and how God has manifested Himself in these areas. That gives us the opportunity to keep our information updated. 

For MCA, lifelong learning is not only a core competence; it is also our corporate philosophy. As a learning organization, we are interested in knowing about the experiences of our graduates. 

Please use the Alumni-Club as a central hub for dialogue with others and with your academy! 

Announcements concerning upcoming school reunions:

There are currently no upcoming events.

Please let us know your current E-Mail address: office(at)

You will receive newsletters and information about current events automatically.

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