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Pedagogical concept

Mayflower Christian Academy, MCA, is a continuation of the private kindergarten Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark) and builds on its concept, values and priorities.

Being a denominational school of the „Free Churches in Austria“, our pedagogy is characterized by a biblical image of man and by a biblical worldview. 

We envision the school as an important common space of learning and living. Our relationships are the foundation and the objective of our daily interaction.

Parents are valued as partners and are included in the process of shaping and developing the school, if they desire to do so. Good communication is important to us because we believe that parents and teachers should collaborate and work alongside each other in order to support the child’s successful development. 


Our primary objective at MCA is educating students up to 8th grade (we are planning on expanding to secondary school diploma (Matura) in the near future) according to the Austrian curriculum. Material is taught partly in English; the principles for education and instruction are in accordance with the school regulations of the “Free Churches in Austria”. Instruction, project work, recreational activities and study times alternate with each other in the morning and in the afternoon hours.

Facilitating transitions and making them interesting

It is especially important to MCA to make the transition from kindergarten to primary school and from 4th to 5th grade as smooth as possible and to support the students as they go through these phases. 

To put this into practice, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Common projects with the kindergarten Arche Noah and preschool  and 1st grade, for example a reading project, station days, excursions, arts and music projects
  • Common project-oriented lessons of 4th and 5th grade, for example a literature project, spelling workshop, English project, Math and Science projects,…
  • Common preparation and planning times for the involved educators

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