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MCA´s Digital Media Concept

The digital information age...

... has established itself in all areas of life and in all age groups over the last years – also at school. We want to have a mediation concept that is adapted to reality. It is a priority at MCA to make the constructive management of media a core competence

It is our objective to enable our students to become self-determined and responsible users in today’s media world.

They should be able to search for project- and teaching-related information with competent support, evaluate and question such information in a team, prepare presentations, write texts and make videos and, of course, make a presentation in front of their class or the parents using a projector.  

This objective...

...can be best implemented using tablets, we believe. The use of interactive boards in the classrooms is also part of this concept. In conclusion: MCA teaches the students basic knowledge in interacting with ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in their daily learning.

Students learn to properly use the tablet as a tool. The apps, software and learning programs we provide support the students in this process. An an ICT department and two universities of applied sciences in Vienna and in Eisenstadt academically accompany us in the process of introducing the children and working with them in this area. As part of the Viennese project “Connected Kids” we receive special support from Mr. Prof. Dr. Paul Kral. Our partner school in Sydney, Australia strongly supports us with suggestions for appropriate apps for different age groups and with reflecting and following our pedagogical objectives. 

Electronic media therefore support and complement individual learning and ultimately the school’s pedagogical concept. Our students also learn to deal with the dangers of the multimedia world and acquire core competencies which are important for their educational career. 

You can find the complete and comprehensive digital media concept of MCA in our school office. We happily take time to talk to you about it. Please schedule a meeting with our school management or meet us at the parents’ café.

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