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Bilingualism & languages

It’s especially easy for children to learn new languages. That’s why it’s even more important to get an early start.

At MCA, we teach in English and in German starting at first grade. Additionally, English is offered as an optional subject.

Literacy is taught in German. Therefore, we expect all students to have a basic knowledge of the German language already. This will be determined by testing their skills in the personal interview which is part of the admission process.

Our teachers are using internationally-established methods and teaching materials. The English language is used also to intensify, deepen and repeat lessons that were taught in German before.

If children have already been in contact with the English language since kindergarten, have an English-speaking parent or have a gift for languages, they can start learning how to express themselves in writing in 2nd grade (2nd semester). In general science and mathematics, children are also introduced to using English terminology. 

After they have completed 4th grade, our students have a very good knowledge of both languages and are able to transfer to an Austrian or to an international secondary school without difficulties.

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