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Parents‘ Council/Parents‘ Association/School Board

Once you as parents have registered your child at MCA, you have taken the first step into a trust-based relationship. Now it is on us, the teachers and educators, to give our very best. However, the responsibility rests with the two parties. Parents are guests and also co-workers at different levels such as the broadly organized parents’ council, information evenings and advisory groups. They are shaping life at MCA together with us. We care about promoting the best interests of the child in an active and genuine way, and about keeping our cooperation open and stable. 

The MCA parents’ council (parents’ association) is an organized body of volunteer parents who act as interfaces between parents and administration in order to ensure effective communication at school. 

The body is elected annually for a period of 10 months. Elections are held at the 1st parents‘ evening at the beginning of the school year.

The parents’ council encourages the active involvement of all parents in MCA’s school life. Faculty, parents and staff work together to create and shape the environment and the atmosphere at our school.

The parents’ council serves the school, students, teachers and administration in a Christian manner and helps with different events that enhance and enrich the academic and social experiences of our children.

Members have numerous tasks. They help with lessons, provide financial support at various fundraising events and organize ways for the school to get involved in activities of the society we live in. 

MCA thanks all their volunteer parents for the time they have invested, their efforts and their commitment to school, in class and – most importantly – for our students!

Finance school board

Our school board is made up of five members: two parent representatives and two teachers’ representatives (elected by all parents and teachers in September) as well as one member of the board.

School board meetings are held twice a year (October and March).

The board decides which students receive a scholarship. The decision is based on a student’s academic success and on the family’s income situation. Parents have to send applications and prove of their income to the body in written form. 

The school board also proposes to the finance board how revenues generated from fundraising activities should be used.

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