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An idea becomes reality – From a project to a private school with statutes and public status

Mayflower Christian Academy (MCA) is a unique non-profit private organization. We look back on years of experience with professional child care and preschool education. Our students’ parents are grateful for the commitment of our team and the investment in their families. 

It all began over 20 years ago when we wanted to provide the best possible Christian education and schooling for our own children. That is how the international private kindergarten Arche Noah was founded in 1996. Today, 130 children are profiting from our broad spectrum of services. Five years later, a few parents asked us to also start an international private Christian school. Their initiative lead to a homeschool-project which developed into MCA only two years later. 

Mayflower Christian Academy (MCA) was founded as a private school in 2002 and has been registered as a denominational school of the Free Churches of Austria since February 2014. MCA’s team of educators promotes the development of our students academically as well as spiritually. 

MCA covers the entire range of primary school (preschool to 4th grade). Since September 2019 we also offer grades 5 to 8 and will gradually grow up to grade 12th. Our location is in the very heart of Europe.

Our unique teaching methods aim at promoting the development of our students. We want to awake their love for the principles and values of God so that they can grow up to be leaders with a strong character in their professional life, in their family and in society as a whole, without any fear of multinational and cultural differences in this rapidly changing global village.

The teachers at our school do not only transmit school knowledge, but also have the role of a mentor in order to have an impact on the child’s life and help our students develop their personalities and be able and ready to take on responsibility in life. 

The role of school and of educators, teaching methods and teaching materials have to change in order to prepare graduates for the demands of a multicultural, multilingual and transnational society.

Our teachers’ personal relationship with Jesus Christ reaches into the aspects of everyday school life so that they can be role models for their students.

Our Christian faith obliges us to treat others with respect and brotherly love. Every person is unique and should be able to unfold the qualities God has given him or her. We want to provide our students the environment for this to happen.

For us, Christian education is the foundation of all learning and is therefore part of daily classes.

Every day, we take time to start the day with some thoughts of God. 

We treat each other with appreciation and respect, creating a learning atmosphere that motivates students to recognize and unfold their potential. 

Not only do we care about well-equipped classrooms, it is also of central concern to us to actively support our staff. Visible signs of concern for our neighbors are the foundation of our school life. Our teachers are role models who shape and support this ideal.

Every step that we take leads us in a certain direction. You have the difficult task now to choose the right school for your child. This decision will have a long-lasting effect on their future course of education as well as on their personal development.

Gradually steering towards a successful school career is a challenge not only for the student, but also for the entire family life. 

The responsible body of the school is a non-profit association

If you are looking for a small school with committed, professional and highly motivated teachers, Mayflower Christian Academy is the right choice for you and your child!

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