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FAQ´s – Questions we are frequently asked

Which levels of education do you currently offer? 

At the current location, we can offer primary school classes (preschool to 4th grade) and since September 2019 we started to offer grades 5 to 8. We are planning on expanding to secondary school diploma (Matura) in the future.

Which curriculum is the school following? 

MCA applies the Austrian Primary School Curriculum.

Educational objective, teaching duties, materials and didactical principles comply with this curriculum. In terms of content and methodology, we teach on a Christian basis as laid out in the school regulations and in the included quality criteria of the “Free Churches in Austria”.

Are you also planning on offering the IB Program in the future?

We are planning on it.

What language to you use for teaching?

Literacy is taught in German. English is considered a special focus and is taught 4 hours a week. Starting in 3rd grade, English is also used in other subjects (e.g. Mathematics, General Sciences,…).

How do you attend to the issue of “integration“ at MCA?

Integration is considered a major focus at MCA® and takes effect in three areas.

  • social integration
  • integration of other cultures and languages
  • integration of children with special needs and high giftedness

Project work and differentiated teaching on the one hand and the assistance of special needs teachers on the other hand allow the integration of children with partial learning disabilities, with minor disabilities or special needs (Asperger syndrome, hyperactivity,…).

Also high-gifted children have special needs. It is our desire to also especially promote these children within MCA. This is why we have educators with additional training in the area of “gifted education”.

The important foundation of this is a relationship based on partnership, support and intensive cooperation between teachers and parents.

What are the costs of a school readiness assessment? 

Before we accept your child in preschool/1st grade, we invite him/her for an interview during which we will test his/her linguistic, motoric and cognitive skills/school readiness. The interview lasts one hour and includes several modules. The cost of an interview is € 100,-. In case of a positive assessment and admission to our school, this amount is set off against the first tuition fee (September).

What is the deposit used for? 

For the conclusion of this contract, a deposit has to be made (see admission contract). This deposit serves to protect the claims of the school provider. If the deposit is used it will have to be restocked upon request. It will be settled within three weeks after termination of the contract.

What does the annual presentation of public status mean? 

Every year, the Vienna Municipal Education Authority awards MCA its public status for the current academic year after positive inspection. The presentation of public status according to § 12 para 1 line 2 of the Legislation of Schooling Obligations of 1985 assigns the school to be suitable for the fulfillment of general compulsory schooling. 

Does my child have to be Christian? 

No – Our students come from very different cultural groups, religions and ethnic backgrounds. However, as a Christian school it is important to us including Christian values in our daily school life.  

Is there a school uniform?

Yes – As a school we decided that our students should wear a school uniform. Please click here for more details 

When can my child start at MCA?

Currently, students can only start on the first day of school in September. One week earlier they have to register with the Vienna Municipal Education Authority. Once MCA has been awarded permanent public status, students will be able to start anytime. 

What does the “flexible primary school phase“ (preschool) stand for?

If a child is of compulsory school age (born before August 31), but is not yet ready for school, he/she can start with preschool after having completed the school readiness test. Once MCA has been awarded permanent public status, we will also be able to accept students PREMATURELY (born AFTER August 31).

Depending on their individual abilities, newcomers have up to three years to successfully meet the teaching plan demands of the basic level I.

At MCA, the primary school phase is managed as a flexible primary school phase jointly offering the basic level I grades (preschool joint together with 1st and 2nd grade). 

Is it possible to change from one grade to the other?

“Students are allowed to change to a higher of lower grade of the basic level I even during the school year. Upon request of the legal guardians or the class teacher, a change can take place following the decision of the school council.“ 

Does my child get homework?

Yes – but every student has the opportunity to finish his/her tasks already during the “study times” at school. It depends on the grade and on the child’s motivation, if all tasks can be completed during these study times. Uncompleted tasks have to be finished at home. We also recommend regular reading and mental mathematics (e.g. tables).

What dates are important to know when starting at MCA? 

Before the start of school in September, there is an information event in June for all new parents. During the first week of school, there is a parents‘ evening all parents are invited to.

Are students examined by a doctor? 

Twice a year 1st grade students are examined by a school doctor. Another examination takes place in 4th grade.

Does my child have to speak German perfectly?  

No – but since German is the first language of instruction, students are required to improve their German language skills not only through support measures offered at school, but ALSO outside of school through specific accompanying measures. 

What are the required English language skills?

80 % of our students were at the international private kindergarten Arche Noah in the same location or come from an English-speaking environment. Therefore, most of our newcomers have a high level of English already. If your child does not speak English, yet, he/she has to participate in an internal or external “crash course” (intensive language course) in order to reach the required level of English by the end of the first semester.

What kind of help does MCA offer for children with learning disabilities?

All teachers offer individual remedial teaching as an integrated part of the lesson as often as possible. If needed, an additional teaching unit of remedial teaching in the area of language or mathematics is offered once a week. In response to the request of parents, teachers can offer private learning support depending on their capacity.  

What are the school days and hours? 

Apart from the following differences, the school days and hours comply with the legal regulations for compulsory schools providing general education in the province of Vienna:

  • The school provider may decide to postpone semester breaks.
  • Upon request of the school forum, summer vacations may be reduced and the missed vacation days can be divided appropriately between both semesters. 
  • At MCA, one more day can be declared as a day off each semester; this day is used for the grading conference.
  • Each school year, up to six days are declared as school-free days.
  • MCA is an all-day school. Teaching and supervision alternate with each other: There are times of instruction and times of supervision (independent work, physical exercise, creativity)
  • Classes are provided from Monday to Friday. From preschool to 4th grade, classes usually start at 8:00 am and finish no later than 4:00 pm.

Do you have questions concerning lunch and snacks or do you have any concerns regarding allergies? 

please click here

How can I contact teachers? 

Each semester, parents are invited to a detailed discussion together with their children. On the basis of the record of learning objectives, the student’s learning progress is discussed and parents sign the record of learning objectives. In preparation, the teacher and the student already have a detailed discussion beforehand.

Each school year, all teachers have a certain budget of time for discussions with parents. Parents can contact teachers directly in order to schedule a meeting.

Every teacher has a school email account. The communication between parents and teachers also takes place over the platform SCHOOLFOX.

Is there any afternoon care available after school? 

At the end of classes, students have the opportunity to visit the daycare center or one of the many courses offered at the school site. An additional registration agreement has to be made or individual courses have to be booked with the responsible leader.

Is it possible to use the daycare center spontaneously? 

Please read the T´s and C´s of this website.

Do you have any questions concerning the performance assessment?

From preschool to 4th grade we use records of learning objectives in order to assess the performance of our students. Starting in 4th grade and upon the request of parents, grades are assigned in the year report. The provisions of the performance assessment regulation shall apply. After grade 5 the students will receive gradereports and an additional verbal comment to each grade.

Which school can my child attend after completing 4th grade?

Our graduates go to many different secondary schools, for example: You can stay at Campus and continue with grade 5.

VBS Wendstattgasse (NMS), 1100 Vienna; VBS Draschestraße (bilingual school), 1230 Vienna; Theresianum, 1040 Vienna, Sacre Coeur, Europaklasse, 1030 Vienna; Evangelisches Gymnasium, 1110 Vienna; as well as English-speaking schools abroad. 

More and more students stay on campus after finishing grade 4th and proceed their school career for their secondary grades at MCA.

Are there any excursions, tours or project weeks? 

Especially in General Sciences, excursions (museum, city tour, nature trail, beekeeper, farm,…) take place as part of certain project themes. 

Starting in 3rd grade, there are project weeks or sports weeks that last several days (e.g. skiing course). 

Are there any parking places close to school? 

At the end of Fontanastrasse, which is a dead end street, there is a kind of a round about where you can kiss and drop your child safely.

What kind of additional courses can students take after school? 

We offer different courses every year. We want our students to be able to choose from a diverse and varied course program. Our experienced course leaders have been working together with our school as freelancers for years now. They offer courses such as: English Club, Drama or Musical, Sports (currently Tennis and Synchronized Swimming), Arts and Music (Guitar, Violin, Piano,…).

When does the academic year start and when does it end?

Currently, the school year starts on the first Monday of September and ends on the last Friday of June or on the first Friday of July.

Are there any parent representatives?

Yes – please click here

Are there scholarships?

Yes – Please click here

Does the school offer religious classes for different denominations?

Our offer varies each year and depends on the students’ religious confessions. Directly at school, we offer non-denominational religious classes of the Free Churches in Austria. Classes for student groups of other denominations are offered in cooperation with surrounding schools and denominational education authorities. These classes may take place at other locations.

How many students are in one class?

The number of students in one grade varies, depending on the children’s age and on the composition of the school level. However, there will not be more than 25 students in one class. For certain projects, a class may be divided into smaller groups or grades may be joined together. Teachers receive support from a team of accompanying teachers and support teachers as well as from teachers with special education in teaching gifted children ON A REGULAR BASIS. Students can therefore receive the best support for their learning development. By these measures, MCA is able to offer a teacher-student ratio of 1:10 in the main subjects. 

How does the school communicate with parents?

The traditional communication booklet is used gladly and often at our school including the digital platform SCHOOLFOX. Many parents also communicate with us by E-Mail. The management also sends out some information by E-Mail. We use Instagram to give a glimpse of our interesting everyday school life. There is a monthly newsletter which provides news for each class. You can also find a classic information board in our hallway.

It is close to our heart to have direct, transparent and appreciative communication with all school partners and we encourage all parties involved to maintain a good relationship. 

How can parents get involved and support MCA?

We have a school forum at MCA which consists of two elected parent representatives, two teachers and a representative of the school board (school provider). This platform is a hub for all three interest groups (parents, students and teachers). It meets quarterly, but can be convened at short notice in urgent cases.

Parent representatives are elected each year. These representatives have always been VERY supportive of the matters of the school.

Also, there are several opportunities for parents to support the team of teachers or the school administration with their gifts, abilities and their networks. We invite all parents and grandparents, depending on their capacities and possibilities, to share their time, ideas and talents with us. We communicate current concerns and details for the coming school year at the first parents’ evening or at the beginning of the second semester. 

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