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Mag. Jürgen Ziegler, BEd

Teacher for Science and Chemistry

My name is Juergen Ziegler. Since my childhood the world around me has fascinated me. As I grew older, I decided to study science. Because of my gifting in sharing this enthusiasm about God’s creation, I chose to become a teacher. So I went to university again. The years I worked as an assistent in quality assurance told me a great deal about the necessity of a good education.
As a teacher I focus on two main goals in my work. Firstly I share the links between the different disciplines of science and secondly I try to teach to the children / young adults that there is a good reason to believe in God as the creator. For me there is no conflict between faith and science. God reveals Himself in the many details one can find in nature. The only question is: „Have you learned to look closely?“ If you do, you will find beauty beyond description. Paul (the author of the book of Romans) put it this way: Since the creation … God can be clearly seen … through his works … I couldn’t agree more. I really enjoy walking beside your son / daughter and teaching him / her to look closely, teaching him / her to see the wonder of creation. I hope that your son / daughter gets a glimpse of the Creator through my teaching.

Mag. Juergen Ziegler, BEd (Master of Science, Bachelor of Education)


Consultation hour: by arrangement

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