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Hannah Ballenstorfer, BEd

My name is Hannah Ballenstorfer and I am currently doing my Master's degree in English and French for secondary education. I grew up in Upper Austria, but discovered my love for travel, other cultures, and languages at a very young age, so it was clear to me that this aspect would be a big part of my life.
With an educator as a mother, enthusiasm for the next generation also flows through my own veins like blood, and so I quickly decided on my path as a teacher. 
During my education, I kept working on my pedagogical know-how and was able to gain experience in different countries and teach children in different institutions. With this background, I am very happy to now be at MCA, which not only promotes and celebrates international differences, but also puts God at its centre, which is something that fills me with joy.
One of my biggest hopes is that children and teenagers can develop, grow and come to terms with good values and a healthy view of the world in a safe environment at school, and I am looking forward to teaching in such a way.


Consultation hour: By arrangement

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