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Armin Gölles

I was born in Vienna. I am currently studying to become a sports and physics teacher at the University of Vienna. The reasons for deciding this field of study are my enjoyment of sport, my previous professional career, and the joy of working with children.
I, myself love playing sports and also passing on my knowledge in this area. As a teacher, it is my goal to advance every student in the best possible way and to impart joy in being active. In addition to enjoying exercise, I also enjoy the community and social component that sport brings with it. It is important to me that everyone has a good time playing sports and that they treat others with respect. Before starting my studies, I completed an apprenticeship with my Matura as an electronics technician at Austrian Airlines. As a result, I take a practice-oriented approach when it comes to communicating teaching content. Additionally, I find it interesting to discover God's creation in the sciences.
I am proud to teach at the Mayflower Christian Academy because the focus is on faith in Jesus Christ. My dream is that students will be able to experience God's love at this school and pass this love on to be a blessing to their fellow classmates. It is important to me that every student is involved in the class. For me, the students’ cooperation and effort to improve themselves is the priority with regards to performance and assessment.


consultation hour: by arrangement

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