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Application guide

We ask all parents who want to apply for a scholarship to provide us with the required information at the beginning of each school year (September).

The school board, made up of five members (teacher, parents and finance board representatives), decides which student/s receive(s) a scholarship and also decides on the amount of the granted scholarships.



MCA is funded by the tuition paid by the parents, by federal subsidies as well as by donations made by Christian sponsors who want to promote the development of Christian education and training. We want to create an atmosphere in which children grow up to become independently- thinking individuals who never stop learning and bear God’s character within themselves. 

The board also generates resources to cover the costs of Christian education and everyday school life by numerous fundraising activities. 

As members of the administration, we consider it an honor and a privilege to have been entrusted with the management of the resources provided by God for the benefit of the children.

We try to keep the tuition as low as possible so that Christian education can be affordable for families. Our tuition runs below the annual budget, though. In order to cover the shortfall, we rely on donations by parents and friends of MCA.

We thank all our sponsors for their financial support and want to encourage you to keep supporting us. You enable us to offer our students – especially here in the southern part of Vienna – first-class Christian education and training.

Your financial contribution makes it possible for us to grant financial aid to students who would otherwise not be able to attend our school. Because of you, we have been able to grant allowances to students from families who meet the criteria already in the past and we are hoping for more generous sponsors to be able to grant more such scholarships in the future. 


According to the Austrian Ministry of Finances and the regional finance authority, it is not possible for Austrian companies to write off donations or financial contributions to the MCA against tax liability. However, if Austrian companies declare a donation to MCA as an advertising expenditure, it does become tax-deductible. 

Only scientific institutions (academy of sciences) or educational institutions such as universities or institutes for adult education may write off donations or contributions that were made in cash against tax liability.

The Ministry of Finances has published a list of institutions which receive donations that are tax-deductible. The MCA is not on this list (§ 18 Income Tax Act “Donations – Promotion of Art and Science”).

If you choose this way of supporting us, please send us a copy of your transaction so that we can include your donation on our list of sponsors. Thank you!

Of course it is also possible to make a donation directly to the MCA account:

RLB NÖ - Raiffeisen Landesbank Wien/NÖ, BLZ 32000, Account Number: 7.480.098,

IBAN AT 943 200 007 480 197 BIC RLNWATWW,

In the name of Mayflower Christian Academy, Fontanastraße 8, 1100 Vienna, Austria

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